About us

MISSY Apple® is a brand developed from Green Energy Group INT. The firm was established in 2009., and the main activity is farming. From 2003 we expanded our activity to fruit growing. At the moment we have 30 hectares orchard and we are leaders of apple production in the area of Šumadija.

Our orchard is built on the most modern technology that comes from Italy, from Southern Tirol, and planting certificated material also comes from there. It’s at the third year, and yield that we expect is 50 tons per hectares.

The orchard is equipped with last technological standards. The whole surface of the orchard is covered with hail nets, watering system Drop by drop and Anti frost system where we can protect the orchard from the frost. ( -5 degrees )

MISSY Apple® was named by a single unknown lady who was walking stray into an orchard with apples. One early summer morning, a beautiful young girl was walking by the lake and ran into an orchard with apples. The sweet scent of ripe apples sent her into the orchard, and then she saw the amazing sight.
Morning dew bathed the apples while the sun ointment apples with its warm rays. The breeze with his aria played and gently rocked them. They looked like a playful lamps so unreal as in a fairy tale. Green orchard was born so that the crown with a handful of fruits dropped their branches to the ground. She looked around to see if anyone was there and picked an apple. Apple was so red, so blush as her cheeks. She bit apple and enjoyed her juicy taste. Suddenly, she encountered a young man … When she saw him, she was ashamed because she secretly took an apple, but her cheeks went even more blush. She lowered her gaze and humble like fairies disappeared in an unknown direction.
The young man never again met Miss again. According to the memory of her blush cheeks, apple tree was named MISSY®.